About us

Xaderfia is a brand communication agency based in Casablanca. Since its creation in 2021, The agency produces highly creative yet effective campaigns and owns the process from the strategic planning phase through production, placement, and analysis.



Think different.

Everything begins and ends with the human experience. Which is why all

of our thinking is focused on behavioral approaches. We completely

immerse ourselves within the brand landscape in order to develop unique

identities that are relevant and create engaging connections. We tell

brand stories rooted in research and attitudinal understanding.



Let's build and measure.

Our team of social-focused creatives know exactly how to create standout

content and powerful digital marketing campaigns that deliver

personalised brand experiences to the people that matter most. And

whatever your aims, we’ll come up with the ideas that convert likes and

shares into measurable sales.


They don’t have to be big, but they do have to be WOW.




Anything but ordinary.

Our  team is an expert in designing emotionally engaging brand

activation and experiential marketing campaigns which  inspires instant

demand for your brand. If you are looking for out of the box solutions

to promote and launch your brand, all you need to do is call us or leave

us a message and we shall get back to you right away!


We can also help in ...


We are specialists in immersive and interactive content, virtual and augmented reality experiences and the development of innovative, high-tech solutions.


We own the process from the strategic planning phase through production and placement. Staging and Thematic Animation, Space Planning, Corporate Events, Teambuilding.


We manage the design, manufacturing, pre-assembly of all your media: POS, Stand layout and manufacturing, Printing small / large.

Let’s keep in touch !


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